A new definition of care

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Acutis Diagnostics has grown intimately familiar with the workings and expectations of substance-abuse practices and facilities. The quality of our work, our sense of urgency,
and our depth of service have earned our clients’ trust.

We understand all that is at risk. Toward that end, we assiduously check every sample sent
to our lab to ensure the accuracy of our reports.

Our obligation to you and the current crisis demands nothing less.


Our pursuit of innovative technologies and strategies, advanced science
and methodologies are not an end in itself.

Our mission is to enable our clients — in-patient and outpatient facilities, small practices, larger treatment centers and medication-assisted programs, as well as detox facilities — to perform their specific tasks with the highest degree of confidence.


Substance abuse and addiction are not headlines we are chasing.

We know people are in pain and stakes are high.
Which is why everything we do serve a single purpose:
To ensure you have one less thing to worry about. 

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Request the Quick Reference Guide for substance - abuse & addiction


Common drugs & most popular streets names

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If you have any questions about the
Substance-abuse & addiction detection,
please contact us.