Growth: one space at a time

Jibreel W. Sarij is an entrepreneur and entrepreneurs famously possess an optimistic nature.

They also believe a good idea, set in motion at the right time, and in the right place, will build a successful business. Sarij’s time was 2016, the place was Larkfield Road in East Northport, and the idea was a state-of-the-art diagnostics lab.

But as he stood in the empty parking lot in front of his suburban facility, he wondered how he would create a company large enough, dynamic enough, to fill the 50 car parking lot. It is no longer a concern because Acutis Diagnostics has not only grown into a nationally licensed laboratory, but the company is adding on average one person a week to its staff. Good jobs in tech and medical research that is helping keep talented men and women home on Long Island.

Two years later, as Sarij looks over the crowded lot, he wonders how many cars his next facility will have to accommodate. Because with three PhDs leading its research and development departments and two dozen scientists supported by more than 150 people, Acutis is one of the fastest growing medical-related businesses in Suffolk County.

What’s next will not be so much a matter of positioning as scale. On this point Sarij is adamant: Acutis will continue to remain at the leading edge of diagnostic technology. It will continue to offer the highest level of service to medical and affiliated communities.


Sarij says, “From the beginning we knew we could not afford to take anything for granted and we had no choice but to continually hone our science and technology if we were to provide smarter, more reliable solutions to our clients and those they serve.


As the company approaches its 3rd year, Acutis continues to move forward, expanding its capabilities to include molecular diagnostics. As the company’s Chief Scientist, Marjorie Bon Homme, PhD, DABCC, puts it, “We make it our business to exceed industry standards.”

Step by careful step, trusting the insights of its scientists and the commitment of its staff, who utilize increasingly sophisticated algorithms, automation, and robotics, Acutis provides physicians, clinics and others with reliable, actionable data. The company’s goal, once to help ensure a healthier Suffolk County, has grown into an ambition to service New York City, New York State, and places as far from its headquarters on Larkfield Road as Massachusetts, Iowa, and, increasingly, all points north, east, south and west.

First published in Northport Patch, September 18, 2018.