Exacting tests for clinical toxicology


State-of-the-art tests for infectious disease


Acutis Reveal™
respiratory test



Acutis Reveal™
gastrointestinal test



Acutis Reveal™
strep A Streptococcus test



Regardless of the test. Acutis = accuracy

Our testing options are continually refined to meet today’s clinical requirements, while our commitment
to innovation promises ever more accurate results in the critical area of toxicology and infectious disease.


Our advanced technology, instrumentation and methodologies are managed
by committed professionals who share a “no compromise” work ethic.

Every step - from sample delivery to our lab, to our final reporting - adheres to protocols
that have no tolerance for error.

Accuracy must never be taken for granted nor do all labs deliver the same quality reporting.
Fewer than 10% of toxicology laboratories can match our precision, turnaround time, and rapid response. Our commitment to accuracy enables Acutis to prevent the potential damage caused
by questionable results and inadequate client services.