Our panel of tests


Oral fluid
& urine testing


Minimum urine
volume 3ml

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Individual test

Parent &


Our advanced technology, instrumentation and methodologies
are managed by committed professionals who share a
“no compromise” work ethic.

Every step - from sample delivery to our lab, to our final reporting -
adheres to protocols that have no tolerance for error.

Accuracy should not be taken for granted.

The truth is not all labs deliver the same quality of reporting. In fact, fewer than 10% of toxicology laboratories can match our overall capabilities. These capabilities are extended to include: high-quality testing, fast turn-around time, and rapid response.

Our commitment across these outcomes sets us apart from 90% of labs, most of which are unable to completely eliminate the frustration, or potential damage caused by questionable results and inadequate client services.


To ensure the highest level of service, our toxicology and clinical relations experts are available to speak with you; to provide the information you need, to make individual test selections, based on your diagnoses and medical necessity.


Our 728 Patient Report™

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Our proprietary 728 Patient Report™ supports appropriate and timely clinical decisions.

Exacting quality controls combined with a proprietary algorithm ensure not only the report’s integrity but also its relevance.

For example, by including patients’ actual historical results the data reveals what a patient may conceal. This document gives you the critical information you require, even at a glance.


Meticulous testing for best results

Our tests results are based on extensive analysis of the right combination of parent and metabolites.
Each result is only released after a rigorous review practices.

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If you have any questions about the
medication monitoring tests,
please contact us.