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Nothing is easy about Flu. The signs and symptoms of influenza vary by age, underlying health conditions,
and immune function. These include fever with cough or other respiratory symptoms, and often with headache.
You may be surprised to know, fever is not always present, especially in infants. Which is why the flu is so often confused with the common cold and other illnesses, and why molecular testing is so important.

Only Acutis has Reveal

Why Acutis Reveal? Reveal will quickly and accurately determine if your child is suffering from flu. 
This advanced molecular test addresses and resolves diagnostic problems by identifying specific viral pathogens, which in turn offers significantly more accurate positive and negative predictive results. (It also determines that your child’s illness is viral and not bacterial in nature.)

With this enhanced information, your physician is provided with significantly more accurate test results
and so he or she can provide faster and more effective treatment.

A total of 19 influenza-associated pediatric deaths have been reported to CDC within the first two weeks of 2019.
— {CDC} 2019 Influenza Season Week 2 ending January 12, 2019

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Introducing Acutis Reveal™
molecular tests for upper respiratory illness

Acutis Revealprovides more accurate test results, delivered in a more timely manner.
Our tests quickly identify pathogens, determine what is present, and, most importantly, answer questions as to whether the infection is viral, bacterial or parasitic in nature. What’s more, we can return test results in as few as 5 to 24 hours from the time a sample arrives at our lab.

Acutis Reveal™ enables medical providers to devise the most personal course of treatment and do it with a greater degree of certainty. More confident diagnoses place less stress on a practice while relieving patients, particularly parents of children, of the anxiety related to infectious diseases.