Caring that extends past the point of care 

Acutis serves medical specialists who prescribe controlled medication.

We are acutely aware of the difficulties these physicians and other professionals face today. Some practitioners feel under attack, even as they spend hours every day working with people desperate for their help and dependent on their expertise.


We understand all that is at risk.

Toward that end, we have built a company committed to the best science, technology and practices, all set in motion by dedicated teams of professionals.

We do this for you, your practices and to ensure the best outcome for your patients.


Exacting and meticulous tests


Tests in
medication monitoring


Tests for
substance-abuse & addiction


Tools for clinical toxicology

While our science and methodologies are among the most advanced in the industry,
what distinguishes Acutis is our desire to take our lab to the next level, and from there, create new industry norms.

Possible sources of true & false positives for in-offices POC tests


Drug metabolism pathways

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Testing cutoff values comparison


Testing options


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for clinical toxicology