Opportunities at Acutis

New technology analyst

Role overview

The New Technology Analyst is responsible for initiating and carrying out projects that are aligned with the Acutis management team while pushing forward thinking technology and culture.


Candidate must be local; this is not a remote role
A degree in Computer Science or related field
Certifications in coding; HL7; SQL

Assist with new hardware and software installation and help train personnel on its use.

  • Troubleshoot hardware and software issues.

  • Acts as IT contact for the laboratory.

  • Develop automated workflow through technology.

  • Develops requirements and wireframes for future projects.

  • Offer IT system support to internal and external staff.

  • Implement new applications with third-party vendors.

  • Assists with Laboratory Information Systems troubleshooting and maintenance

Research & Development
Research new data processing programs and innovative technologies.

  • Researches new EMR/EHR capabilities in the healthcare marketplace

  • Creation of custom reports for the Laboratory Information Systems
    when improvements are made or when a new test is added during validations.

  • Customizes internal system applications for future projects aligned
    with management vision

  • Travels to third party vendor locations to learn new ways their products
    will help the company

  • Designs new report framework and works with marketing and branding
    to roll new products out

  • Develops trends and forecasts utilizing BI (Business Intelligence) Technology

Monitor, manage and maintain databases, applications, and business systems used
in employee’s daily workflow.

  • Creates and conducts Q.A. testing protocols for projects prior to launch.

  • Keeps detailed, accurate and organized records of status updates
    regarding the development of technology projects.

  • Monitor analytics and metrics results with the use of current and new modules.


  • Retains positive third-party relationships through vendor management.

  • Initiating first contact with vendors for various technology projects.

  • Allocates resources and personnel to projects in development.

  • Excellent skills in using Microsoft Excel is a must.

Job Type: Full-time

Location: East Northport, NY


Clinical molecular microbiologist

Role overview

This is a key leadership role for a molecular microbiologist within our clinical laboratory.  The clinical molecular microbiologist will oversee an active research program focused on the diagnosis of infectious diseases and the day to day operations of the Molecular Microbiology section of the laboratory.

The laboratory is conducting a wide range of research activities including genetic identification, antimicrobial susceptibility testing and microbiologic profiling using proteomics and metabolomics techniques.  The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring quality and compliance in the execution of all research projects performed in the Molecular Microbiology Section.  The candidate will have the opportunity to publish and present at scientific meetings.

Together with the QA Team, this individual will also establish quality metrics, work flows, turnaround times and reporting parameters.  The individual will work continuously to improve the technical performance of the laboratory across all domains, including design, production and reporting.  The individual will plan and implement all laboratory processes and procedures in addition to the forecasting of resource and equipment needs.

Responsibilities include:

  • Oversee a research program in molecular microbiology which includes handling, maintenance and study of pathogenic microorganisms, genetic identification, antimicrobial susceptibility testing (MIC, resistance determinations)

  • Design and validate assays to be used in the clinical laboratory

  • Oversee the submission of validations projects to NYS DOH CLEP

  • Direct daily operations including test scheduling, test preparation, proper application
    of test method(s), data collection, data review, and approval of final report of analysis

  • Provide technical and scientific guidance on clinical laboratory technologists
    and the laboratory managers

  • Lead the development, implementation, and maintenance of systems, processes,
    and plans to ensure that results of experiments are delivered in a compliant manner;
    and within quality, cost and timeline parameters

  • Forecasting needs; including resource, reagent, equipment and staffing; to maintain
    the highest standards of scientific and technical excellence and efficiency

  • Ensure compliance NYS DOH CLEP standards, regulatory agencies and industry standards

  • Play a lead role in the development, review and approval of Laboratory SOP's, protocols, and reports

  • Maintain working knowledge of current industry standards and practices pertaining
    to clinical microbiology, molecular biology

  • Represent the laboratory externally to scientific experts, regulators,

  • Author scientific abstracts, manuscripts and reports

  • Present data at scientific meetings, and grant review meetings

  • Supervise, motivate, review, and develop direct reports through mentorship, training
    and identification of other learning opportunities


  • A Ph.D. in microbiology, or a related field is required, with at least 3 years of post-graduate clinical microbiology experience


  • Knowledge and experience in molecular biology and microbiology is a must

  • Successful management of a microbiology laboratory in an academic, industry
    or biotechnology setting preferred


  • Demonstrated the ability to carry out independent microbiology research through the design, conduct, and reporting of studies

  • A working knowledge of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Documentation Practice (GDP) is required

  • Must be able to give directions clearly.

  • Must be able to lead both by example and through direct instruction

  • Must be able to build consensus among a group of individuals

  • Good listening skills required

  • Must be able to actively elicit feedback from staff

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including strong formal presentation and analytical skills

  • Ability to present complex scientific concepts and data to a wide range of audiences including: internal project teams, academic experts/leaders in the field, and development partners

  • Excellent people and project management skills

  • Ability and desire to successfully work with a collaborative, fast paced project team

Time: 8 AM – 4 PM with occasional overtime

Job Type: Full-time


R&D specialist
- chemistry
and molecular diagnostics

Responsibilities include:

Personnel assigned to the Research and Development Division will perform method development and validations for new assays as well as periodic performance verification of current assay. This individual will assist with the roll out of new methods, QA activities, write SOPs, implement laboratory safety plans, training production staff as it relates to methods they have validated. They will assist with filling out all the paperwork associated with new LDTs submissions to NYS DOH CLEP.

Specific duties

  • Reagent Preparation – prepare stock solutions, QCs, and calibrators

  • Instrument/Equipment Maintenance – maintain resources according manufacturers’ recommendations

  • Develop and maintain competency in the operation of instrument and equipment
    as assigned and in laboratory-specific workflow practices

  • Validation Planning Phase – responsible for outlining a complete method validation plan that covers all components of the validation process

  • Method Development – perform literature reviews, construct an analyze library,
    assay optimizations

  • Method Validation – linearity, precision (intra and inter), accuracy, carryover,
    lower limit studies, interference, method comparison, dilution integrity, analyze stability

  • Data Reduction – Perform initial data reduction and data analysis using EP Evaluator
    and Microsoft Excel®, summarize experimental process, results, and findings

  • Validation of manual and automated sample preparation protocols

  • Prepare SOPs in accordance with NYS CLEP standards

  • Periodic verification of instrument performance; including calibration verification, carryover, instrument correlation and quality controls

  • Safety equipment verification at prescribed intervals

  • Assist in the investigation of incidents of nonconformity in the production environment

  • Assist the laboratory director during investigations of unusual patient results


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, Toxicology, Biology or a related science


  • 5 years pertinent laboratory experience


  • Meticulous attention to detail

  • Good oral communication

  • Able to read and interpret information

  • Listens and gets clarification

  • Able to read information quickly and retain it for use in processing

  • Edits work for spelling

  • Strong technology skills

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook

  • Ability to learn

  • Able to work in a team-oriented environment

Physical requirements

  • Standing or sitting for an extended period of time

  • Able to lift 25 Lbs.

  • Repetitive wrist motion

  • Audible recognition of alarms

  • Ability to discriminate colors is essential


  • Shifts extend until work is finished

  • Occasional weekends


Molecular diagnostics technologist CLT

The molecular diagnostics technologist is responsible for performing all aspects of testing in a molecular laboratory. The technologist will evaluate and introduce new material, methods and equipment to help determine the feasibility and/or adaptability for clinical molecular studies.

They assist the laboratory director in the development of new technologies and participate in documenting and implementing Quality Assurance (QA)/Quality Control (QC)/Quality Inventory (QI) procedures.

Responsibilities include:

The Molecular Diagnostics Technologist is responsible for all aspects of testing including:

  • Extraction of nucleic acids from clinical specimens

  • Performs routine testing, quality control, calibration, maintenance and proficiency testing in accordance with current laboratory procedures

  • Oversees inventory and ordering of laboratory supplies

  • reagent preparation

  • Instrumentation and equipment maintenance

  • Perform complex molecular-based procedures with a high degree of quality and in accordance with established protocols.

Specific duties

  • Perform genetic/molecular biology procedures involving traditional techniques such as nucleic acid isolation and PCR on clinical specimens

  • Maintain competency in assigned technical protocols according to established operational procedures

  • Maintain a clean, organized and safe work space in accordance with good laboratory practices

  • Operate and maintain laboratory instrumentation and equipment in accordance with established operating procedures including necessary equipment checks, performance testing, preventive maintenance, and quality controls

  • Assure instrumentation and equipment meet performance standards

  • Troubleshoot instrumentation and equipment related issues as they occur

  • Maintain reagent, consumables and office supply inventory

  • Follow unidirectional flow of specimen handling to avoid contamination.

  • Assure the accuracy of all tests by adhering to the laboratory’s quality control procedure

  • Provide administrative support to the Lab Manager and Quality Assurance Manager including Quality Control review and Data review backup

  • Maintain QC related documents.

  • Review all test requests thoroughly for errors, omissions, clarity, and potential problems.

  • Verify patient identification at all steps of every procedure and maintain complete accuracy.

  • Maintain complete documentation for assay tracking and results for review/reporting.

  • Participate in the Proficiency Testing Program as assigned.

  • Notify supervisor of discrepancies and records corrective action taken.


  • Good oral communication

  • Desire to learn

  • Ability to read information quickly, interpret and retain it for later use

  • Listens and gets clarification

  • Strong technology skills

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook

  • Able to work in a team-oriented environment


  • BS in Medical Technology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, or related field

  • Master’s degree preferred


  • NYS Clinical Laboratory Technologist


  • ASCP Certification preferred


  • 2 years pertinent laboratory experience

Experience with most or all of the following technologies is preferred:

  • PCR and qPCR

  • Next-generation sequencing library preparation and instrument runs

  • Operation of liquid handling systems

  • Capillary electrophoresis: Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis

  • Integrated laboratory information management systems

Physical requirements

  • Standing or sitting for an extended period of time

  • Ability to recognize audible and visual alarms

  • Ability to discriminate colors

  • Able to lift 25 lbs.

  • Repetitive wrist motion

Time: 8 AM – 4 PM with occasional overtime

Job Type: Full-time

Experience: laboratory: 2 years



  • ASCP Certification


Certifying scientist - toxicology CLT

The selected candidate will be conducting a review of all confirmation results to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the drug testing process.

Responsibilities include:

  • Certifying data

  • Instrument maintenance and operation

  • Following policies and procedures

  • Improving processes


  • Review of LC/MS-MS analysis data to ensure clinical acceptability

  • Operate LC/MS-MS instruments for analysis. This includes batch scheduling, troubleshooting and maintenance

  • Collaborate with co-workers, managers and other supervisors to solve work-related problems within or between departments; answering and resolving questions/issues daily

  • Participate in employee training for equipment, software and other laboratory operations

  • Identify and resolve quality control issues; accurately enter and report test results; and remain current on lab standard operating procedures

  • Enforce compliance of all policies, procedures, standards, guidelines and best practices for: CLIA, safety, environmental, laboratory, hazardous materials, equipment, accident reporting and security

  • Provide appropriate feedback to the Supervisor and Responsible Person in order to assist in maintaining an accurate SOP

  • Personal accountability for attendance, productivity, training, and incidents

  • erform all other assigned duties as instructed or required


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Medical Technology, Chemistry, Toxicology, or other closely related field

  • YS CLT preferred


  • Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills; highly motivated individual

  • Able to work well independently and with others

  • Strong work ethic, detail oriented, punctual, organized, personable, reliable and dependable

  • High motivation level, personal integrity and accountability

  • Ability to handle a fast-paced and demanding lab environment

  • bility to communicate clearly and effectively with management, staff, and clients


Client support

We are looking for a detail-oriented professional who is both passionate about customer service and also understands the importance of excellent client relations. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Frequent communications with clients that are proactive not reactive

  • Management of inbound calls, which will range from the routine to more complicated issue resolution

  • Coordinating information between teams and across departments

  • Written communications, including email drafts and other media


  • You have a minimum of 1-year experience in client services

  • You are detail-oriented and can demonstrate strong organizational skills

  • You possess excellent verbal and written skills

  • You are proficient in Excel, Word and Outlook

  • You welcome the opportunity to both work independently and as the member of a team


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