Acutis brings solutions to 2019 New York State Pain Society Annual Meeting.

This year’s theme: Emerging from the Opioid Crisis: Advances in Multimodal Care was of particular importance to our company, especially in light of the work we do to aid and abet physicians and others working in pain management and addiction specialties.


To make the most of the event, the company was represented by Acutis CEO Jibreel Sarij, VP of Sales Anthony Nolfo, as well as sales representatives: Jared Blais, Madeline Galvano, Amanda Leamer, Kseniya Shyrokava, Sam Orgel.

For participants, the Sessions’ programs reflected issues these professionals face daily, from: the evolving understanding of the opioid crisis and trends in interventional pain management, to advances in regenerative medicine and even the legal implication of pain management.

Jibreel Sarij, Acutis CEO thought the event was especially useful as it gave the company the opportunity to receive feedback directly from users of our latest technology platform. “Our platform not only provides clinical clients with a vastly simplified way to order testing and receive results, but one that also employs business intelligence tools that help report medication compliance and abuse trends.

Our sales reps also reported back that the conference allowed them to become better acquainted with doctors and other providers. Madeline Galvano, saw that Acutis is in exactly the position to “help doctors keep up with trends of treatments and issues of importance, as they rarely had the time to follow the news closely.”

Amanda Leamer, like Ms. Galvano, remarked on “the privilege to speak with providers especially those unaware of the capabilities of our specialty labs.” She found in every conversation a connection to build on.

What Samuel Orgel found most valuable and enjoyable was meeting with clients outside their offices because: “I had the time to actually explain how we could help them treat their patient more effectively and by extension, help their practices run more efficiently.

Jared Blais: considered it “an honor being able to represent Acutis and also to attend various sessions. I was also able to meet with medical professional that I have not had the access to in the past.” An added benefit, he also made professional relationships with other vendors.

Kseniya Shyrokava found most valuable the feedback she received from the pain management physicians with whom we already work. She also appreciated the chance to cultivate potential leads. She was especially delighted to see the attention Acutis received from physicians from both U.S. and abroad.

By any metric, we believe our presence at New York State Pain Society 2019 proved a success. Our staff engaged with our clients and potential clients and left with valuable insights. Perhaps most important was our team’s effort to enhance awareness of the Acutis brand, demonstrating leadership in this area of clinical toxicology.

Perhaps of greatest value we be the information that we bring home to our lab and support staff. We’ll use the insights we acquired to improve our communications internally, as well as with our clients, to raise our level of customer service. And, ultimately, we’ll use them to hone our own practices, products, and services.

Stop by the Acutis Booth this Weekend at the New York State Pain Society’s Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions

The media coverage of the ‘opiate epidemic’ as driven by pill pushing-doctors and by pain patients worries me a lot, and I think it is already being used to forward the idea that people in chronic pain should not have access to relief from their pain.” Dr. Anita Gupta

For the third time in as many years, Acutis will be in attendance at the New York State Pain Society 2019 Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions. This year’s theme: Emerging from the Opioid Crisis: Advances in Multimodal Care reflects the cautious optimism that reflect the many programs and sessions that will be held from Friday, May 17th through Sunday May 19th , at the Renaissance Westchester Hotel.


In light of both the importance of this event, as well as our commitment to pain-management professionals and practices, the company with be represented by Acutis CEO Jibreel Sarij, VP of Sales Anthony Nolfo, as well as sales representatives: Jared Blais, Madeline Galvano, Amanda Leamer, Kseniya Shyrokava, Sam Orgel. For more information about Acutis visit the company at Table #44.

This year’s events are organized around Seven Sessions:

1.     Advances in our Understanding of the Opioid Crisis —Just the Facts

2.     Advances in Pharmacological Care

3.     Advances in Interventional Pain Management

4.     Advances in Regenerative Medicine

5.     The Great Debates—Advances of Not?

6.     Advances in Complimentary Therapies

7.     The Legal Side off Pain—What’s happening to the Practice, the Patients and You

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear thought leaders and specialists speak on a variety of critical subjects, as was well as participate in discussions as varied as “Components of Successful Multidisciplinary Practice and the “Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetic Factors Support” as well as “The Pseudoscience of Morphine Equivalent,”  “Advances in Migraine Therapy“ and “De-Stigmatizing the Pain Patient.”

Events will also include panel discussions as well as ample opportunities to network in an open and collegial setting.

Click for more information about this year’s 2019 Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions | May 17th-19th, 2019

Acutis has its eye on the future of STEM on Long Island.

Stony Brook University’s School of Health Technology and Management’s Sigma Beta chapter recently held an event to commemorate current and graduating members of its Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program. A highlight of the event was the induction of students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher into the Lambda Tau National Honor Society.


Following the ceremony, Daniela Zaborskis, Acutis’ Director of Operations, provided an overview of the nation’s opioid crisis and the role laboratory medicine plays in helping to ameliorate it. David Goldberg, Acutis’ Managing Director, spoke on the future of laboratory medicine and the critical roles the knowledge and skills of Clinical Laboratory Technicians (CLTs) will play in the profession’s evolution.

Acutis’ attendance at the event is a sign of its commitment to both STEM on Long Island and also to Stony Brook’s School of Health Technology and Management. Dr. Zaborskis and Mr. Goldberg’s visit was intended to show students and graduates how their studies align with the real-life work of the profession.

Acutis’ presence served also as informal recruitment effort, where the company offered internships. In addition to Dr. Zaborskis and David Goldberg, other members of Acutis in attendance included: Marjorie Bon Homme (Chief Scientist & Clinical Laboratory Director) and Javon Barnwell (Manager of Human Resources).

Goldberg remarked afterwards: “The meeting was a very uplifting experience. I met with the future stewards of laboratory medicine, young scientists who having finished a rigorous program were now well prepared to enter the profession with equal parts education and enthusiasm.”

For more information of Clinical Laboratory Services program, click here.

Acutis is a company in motion.

Pri-Med Washington, DC, offered clinicians two intense days of practical information and workable insights designed to hone skills and enhance expertise. It was a conference that spoke to us and we wanted to hear more.


As a company in motion, Acutis is building on its clinical toxicology expertise to grow into an important medical specialty laboratory. Today, Acutis, a New York–accredited lab, provides state-of-the-art diagnostic services to physicians and clinics throughout New York, as well as deep into the Tri-state area
— New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and into New England.

As our competencies increase, so are the places where we see the opportunity to grow. Last week, at the Pri-Med Conference in Washington, DC, Acutis was represented by Stephanie Moorefield, Tiffany DiPietro, and Nicole Summers. Each found a receptive, even enthusiastic audience for the new level of service Acutis offers.

Stephanie was impressed by the size of the show, as well as the optimistic collegial atmosphere. She found the opportunity to introduce Acutis to many in attendance, healthcare providers open to new resources. Tiffany met with doctors and other providers. She engaged in serious discussions with a number of physicians who, while genuinely interested in trends and treatments, often didn’t have the time to learn on their own. Nicole discovered Pri-Med attendees who were anxious to learn what Acutis had to offer. She was most excited by physicians who, after visiting our booth, invited us to come to their offices to hear how Acutis could add value to their practices.

All agreed that the meeting provided invaluable insights into the state of the industry. And each saw there was a real need for a company that could articulate its vision and purpose.

After our successful meeting in DC, we look forward to the next Pri-Med show, and also to taking the Acutis message farther and farther afield.

Not an overview; two days of intensive education.

Pri-Med Washington, DC offers clinicians two full days of practical information and workable insights conceived to hone skills and enhance expertise. All the event’s activities share the same intent—improve patients’ quality of life.*


Pri-Med educational sessions, led by renown faculty—men and women who are highly credentialed leaders in their fields—will “unpack” the most up-to-date subjects, clinical guidelines, and recommendations. And do so in such a way that these tools can be implemented immediately. (For a list of speakers, visit:

Topics addressed on April 17th include: Cardiology, Geriatrics, Endocrinology, Psychiatry, Critical Issues of the Day, and Pain Management.
Topics covered on April 18th include: Wellness, Psychiatry, Infectious Disease, Hot Topics, Dermatology, and Cardiology. (See full agenda here:

Acutis Diagnostics will be in attendance on both April 17th & 18th.  The importance of this event was made clear by a number of our clients in pain management and infectious diseases. On the basis of their recommendations, our representatives, Tiffany DiPietro, Nicole Summers, and Stephanie Moorefield, will be on hand to meet with attendees and introduce them to our company.


Tiffany DiPietro, Nicole Summers, and Stephanie Moorefield

By attending events such as Pri-Med, Acutis Diagnostics, already recognized as one of New York State’s most respected specialty laboratories, will have the opportunity to share with the industry our growing areas of competence.

* Professional Credits
In addition, you will have the opportunity to earn up to 13 CME/CE Credits
(April 17:  7 Credits and April 18: 6 Credits).

Acutis is on it. Our Sales Specialists Stephen Dybalski and Kseniya Shyrokava were on hand at the 2018 New York & New Jersey Societies of Interventional Pain Physicians’ Pain Medicine Symposium


The theme of this year’s show “Evolving Advanced Pain Therapies” could not be more relevant in light of the current opioid and pain-management crises. Nor could it be a more appropriate venue for Acutis to share with this community our new definition of care: A company at the leading edge of medical diagnostics. A company committed to ensure professionals in this specialty have one less thing to worry about.

Led by Chairman, Sudhir Diwan, MD, and Course Directors, Scott Woska, MD and Christopher Gharibo, MD. The show provided the most up-to-date information on advanced pain management techniques, pharmacology, neurostimulation, vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, discography as well as other treatments and procedures.

Both Stephen and Kseniya made a special point to visit with our current pain-management clients who were in attendance, as well as introduce potential clients to Acutis’ expanding capabilities. New contacts were cultivated and, as important, new lessons were learned that will be shared throughout the entire Acutis network.

During the show Stephen and Kseniya became acquainted with those new products and procedures that were most exciting to members of the medical community. Of particular interest were training geared for primary caregivers, as well as medical-management physicians who require specific training in the prescribing and utilization of opioids and controlled substances.

500 specialists in pain and interventional pain management, as well as neurosurgery were in attendance. Acutis is proud to have been among this esteemed company.

Acutis Steps Up at the 19th Annual ASAP Conference

From September 23rd through the 27th 2018,  CEO Jibreel Sarij and Sales Specialists Jared Blais and Emily Talarico attended the Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers of New York State (ASAP) Annual Conference in Syracuse, New York. 


That we’re in the midst of a crisis is not news. All attendees at the ASAP Conference are acutely aware of the enormity of the problem. Ben Walsh, the Mayor of Syracuse, mentioned in his remarks that a death by an overdose occurred only a few days earlier, a block from the conference center. Everyone, from caseworkers and administrators, to medical practitioners and specialists, had their war stories. There was no shortage of tactics and strategies discussed, all focused on ASAP’s guiding principle that addiction is a treatable and preventable disease.

A highlight of the conference was a talk by the journalist Sam Quinones, author of the National Book Critics Circle Award-winning book, Dreamland: The True Take of America’s Opiate Epidemic. Quinones took on one of the most controversial issues of the day: how heroin moved from the urban centers into our nation’s heartland.

During the event, Jibreel Sarij spoke at length with ASAP’s Executive Director John Coppola, The two discussed how the ASAP might tap into Acutis’ expertise in drug testing and also how the ASAP might benefit from access to vast amounts of data Acutis has compiled. Coppola accepted an invitation to visit our facility.

We look forward to new friends and a dynamic collaboration.

Visit the 19th Annual ASAP Conference website.

Expectations met at ICCO 2018


Acutis Diagnostics’ Charlie Clark and Chuck Orefice attended the International Conference on Opioids, at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, held from June 10th - 12th, 2018.

We came with high expectations for this meeting, especially in light of the current crisis. We were not disappointed. Thought leaders and practitioners from the U.S. and abroad addressed topics of increasing urgency, from the best emerging medical practices using opioid to treat pain, to the rapidly evolving ethical and legal aspects of opioid management.

Acutis Diagnostics is intimately familiar with the challenges faced by physicians who seek greater clarity and new competences. Toward that end, we were excited to learn new concepts and applications in medication monitoring and illicit drug testing. We will continue to hone our science and services with a single goal in mind: reduce risk to both practitioners and patients, while improving clinical outcomes.