Acutis Reveal™ molecular detection for Strep A disease


Acutis Reveal™ Strep A offers healthcare providers:


A fast, one-step treatment that requires only a simple throat swab and transport media


Rapid confirmation, within 24 hours from the time a sample is received


New degrees of certainty, ensured by the test’s high sensitivity and determines whether illness
is bacterial or viral in nature, and so whether a course of antibiotics is necessary


Highly accurate data confirms best treatment options and outcomes for your patients


Streamlined patient management, which eliminates costs, while relieving patients,
particularly parents of children, of the anxiety of Strep A or other causes of sore throat.


A common complaint that can conceal complexity

Strep A is shorthand for Streptococcus pyogenes.

Unlike most sore throats, which are caused by a viral infection, Strep A is a bacterial pathogen. Once diagnosed properly and in a timely fashion, it is easily treated. But ignored, even minor infections can flare into serious illnesses such as Scarlet Fever, Rheumatic Fever and other troubling illnesses. 

This infection throat is also highly contagious, even by people who show no symptoms of the illness. Strep A can be spread by coughs or by breathing in aerosol, touching contaminated surfaces, even by drinking from the glass or eating from the same plate as an infected person. 


Strep A often occurs in clusters, frequently among school-age children, which could explain how your patient’s child contracted his or her illness. We mention children here because while approximately 11 million people
are diagnosed with pharyngeal infections each year, up to 30% of episodes of these infections are Strep A and experienced by children.
Adults account for as many as 15%. But Strep A is also identified with healthcare associated illnesses including postpartum and post-surgical infection.What’s more, this respiratory disease is also identified with healthcare-associated illness including postpartum and post-surgical infection. On rare occasions, outbreaks are food borne.

Molecular detection accelerates the process
while eliminating doubts


Acutis Reveal
Strep A is a molecular detection technology that is appropriate for a range of healthcare facilities from pediatric and family practices to infectious disease specialists and urgent care facilities. It is a highly calibrated technology conceived to diagnosis Group A β-hemolytic Streptococcus pyogenes, quickly and with superior accuracy.

Among the most important benefits of accurate results is how they discourage the unnecessary or over-prescribing of antibiotics. Acutis Reveal™ offers an additional layer of protection from these kinds of errors.

Accurate data, delivered same day, enables physicians and other healthcare providers to introduce a new level of efficiency into the office, allowing physicians and their practices to focus on more critical complaints.


Acutis Reveal Strep A versus alternate testing options


Acutis Reveal™ gastrointestinal bacterial targets

Streptococcus pyogenes

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Acutis Reveal™ Strep A test,
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