Acutis Reveal™ respiratory pathogen tests


Acutis Reveal™’s unique features and benefits include:


Excellent performance
timely identification of condition and effective recommended treatment


Rapid turnaround time
reports delivered as quickly as within 4-5 hours of receipt of a sample


Comprehensive content
detects 22 important pathogens in a single test


Measurable savings
lower laboratory and hospital costs


Greater patient satisfaction
a more efficient and trusted practice


The simple truth

Doctors, pediatricians and healthcare workers require faster
and more accurate test results for respiratory infections.
They also want actionable data that is demonstrably
more reliable than can be delivered by traditional tests.


The good news

These higher quality results are now achievable with
Acutis Reveal™, a new, easily managed, and FDA-approved process developed by a company known for delivering
on its promises. 


Molecular detection of infectious diseases
eases and expedites the process


From its inception, Acutis has employed and continually refined state-of-the-art tools and proven procedures. Over time, we became a leader in clinical toxicology.

Today, building on our advanced platforms of science
and methodologies, we have added a new competence,
molecular detection of infectious diseases. 


Our new panels were developed to broaden and streamline testing for viral and bacterial respiratory tract infections.

Our tests quickly identify pathogens, determine what is present,
and most importantly, answer questions as to whether the infection
is viral or bacterial in nature


The result

Healthcare professionals
— from specialists and general practitioners to nurse practitioners and clinicians —
can now make their diagnosis using the most exact information, data only made possible
by the most advanced means of detecting infections.


Providing evidence while removing ambiguity 

A patient can only describe his or her symptoms. Symptoms that may suggest either viral or bacterial infections.

A physician or healthcare provider should not feel compelled to diagnose a patient with the flu based on the description of symptoms or even his or her judgment. It’s an unfortunate fact that clinicians often overestimate the diagnostic accuracy of standard flu tests. So while common influenza testing may provide a useful way to establish a diagnosis of the flu, it is not the most reliable way to rule out influenzas or their causes. 


As a lab obsessed with accuracy, Acutis has made the commitment
to continually adapt, innovate and develop processes that provide our clients
with exactly the data they require to diagnose and treat their patients
with the utmost confidence.


Critical support during the Flu Season


We are particularly aware of our obligation during the Flu Season,
a period when many physicians and clinicians are overwhelmed
by patients’ demands.

Our solution: reliable, actionable data that can often
be delivered within 4-5 hours of receipt of a sample.

Although most healthy adults who contract the flu experience only minor symptoms, influenza, and other respiratory viruses are a serious health threat to the populations at large. 

As you’re aware, the typical Flu Season stretches from October through March, although it often begins earlier and continues later into the year.
As we stated above, most obvious symptoms, which include fever, aches, chills, headache, cough, fatigue, nasal congestion, and sore throat
are not unique to the flu. 

Serious problems can begin when mild symptoms are diagnosed
as common colds or passing illnesses. The more virulent strains not only threaten children, but also the elderly and those with weakened immune systems.


Acutis Reveal™ viral targets

Adenovirus - Coronavirus HKU1 - Coronavirus NL63 - Coronavirus 229E - Coronavirus OC43
Human bocavirus - Human metapneumovirus - Influenza A - Influenza A H1 - Influenza A H3 - Influenza B
Parainfluenza virus 1 - Parainfluenza virus 2 - Parainfluenza virus 3 - Parainfluenza virus 4
Respiratory syncytial virus A - Respiratory syncytial virus B - Rhinovirus / Enterovirus

Acutis Reveal™ bacterial targets

Chlamydophila pneumoniae - Mycoplasma pneumoniae - Bordetella pertussis - Bordetella parapertussis

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If you have any questions about the
Acutis Reveal™ respiratory test,
please contact us.