Acutis is a company at the leading edge of clinical toxicology.
We employ state-of-the art tools and procedures to monitor medications,
as well as detect the presence of illicit drugs.

We're also a company with its eye on the future—both the immediate future
and the long term. We are pursuing innovative technologies and strategies, processes that will further enhance clinicians' judgments, and so enable them
to make better decisions, and make them with the highest degree of confidence.


A new definition of service


We have built a company with a commitment to the best science, technology and practices, all set in motion by teams of deeply committed professionals. 

Acutis is a company with no gaps. No bureaucracy. No evasive hierarchy.
From our CEO engaged in strategic planning and our Senior Scientists in the lab and Support Staff at the facility, to our Sales Specialists on the road, every employee is fully accountable. Fully accessible. Completely willing to assume responsibility. So you have one less thing to worry about


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