Introducing Acutis Reveal™ respiratory, gastrointestinal and pharyngeal tests

The science and technology of molecular detection of infectious diseases offer greater certainty while expediting the diagnostic process.


From its inception, Acutis has been driven by a straightforward and rigorous philosophy: identify a problem, test and determine the most appropriate solution, and then work to refine that solution.

In practice, this has meant acquiring and continually refining
state-of-the-art resources while working to raise industry standards.
By adhering to this discipline, we became a leader in clinical toxicology. Today, building on this practice, we have added a new competence: molecular detection of infectious diseases.


The problem:
increasing numbers of infectious diseases, exposing more people to serious illness

The solution:
Acutis Revealprovides more accurate test results, delivered in a more timely manner


Physicians, pediatricians and healthcare workers have never been so hard pressed. The demand for their services, the costs related to their work, compounded by the expectations of their patients, can be overwhelming.

In both respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses, symptoms are too often too similar to distinguish the infectious from the non-infectious. No one sign points convincingly to a particular viral, bacterial or parasitic cause. This ambiguity has created a new sense of urgency, one traditional tests, lacking both rigor and precision, fail to ameliorate.


Acutis Reveal™ addresses and resolves problem by identifying specific pathogens, with significantly more accurate positive and negative predictive results. These strong data enable healthcare professionals to optimize their performance by providing significantly more accurate test results with a measurably faster turnaround.


The result:
actionable data, whether testing for respiratory or gastrointestinal infections


Our tests quickly identify pathogens, determine what is present, and, most importantly,
answer questions as to whether the infection is viral, bacterial or parasitic in nature.
What’s more, we can return test results in as few as 5 to 24 hours
from the time a sample arrives at our lab.

Acutis Reveal™ enables medical providers to devise the most personal course of treatment and do it with a greater degree of certainty. More confident diagnoses place less stress on a practice while relieving patients, particularly parents of children, of the anxiety related to infectious diseases.

Discover the 3 new Acutis Reveal™ tests in details


Acutis Revealrespiratory tests


Acutis Reveal gastrointestinal test


Acutis Reveal pharyngeal test


Benefits at a glance:

Exacting science that identifies the nature of a pathogen,
removing ambiguity presented by similar symptoms

Extreme sensitivity for more precise identification of pathogens


Rapid results delivered quickly, as early as 5 to 24 hours from receipt of sample


The confidence of knowing with near certainty the cause and seriousness of an illness, and the satisfaction of relieving your patients’ fears and anxieties.


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For the third time in as many years, Acutis will be in attendance at the New York State Pain Society 2019 Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions. This year’s theme: Emerging from the Opioid Crisis: Advances in Multimodal Care reflects the cautious optimism that reflect the many programs and sessions that will be held from Friday, May 17th through Sunday May 19th , at the Renaissance Westchester Hotel.

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